Readers Letters & Stories

I would love to hear from readers! It would be great to hear about your pandemic experiences, stories of treasured friendship, and even long lost love. I will share them here. You can either post a comment or email me:


January 8, 2021

Dear Gloria,

I so badly want to be one of your clever friends in the book that I will thank you for this lovely gift via a letter. 

You have managed to capture all that we have been feeling and longing for set in a fun and robust story! These friendships are deep and true and I know because I live them! I am starting to sound like a cheesy book reviewer and all I want is to be prolific and witty like Kate, Rosemary and Gloria. 

To say that this book is just what I needed right now is an understatement. The world is so full right now and people are still having babies and falling in love and getting married and marching in the streets and writing poetry, and yet it feels as though we are on hold and all these things are falling on the ground and we can’t quite catch them all. Your book managed to catch it ALL and hold it for us. 

Thank you Gloria. 

Love, Liz

PS. There might be a huge run on sentence in there but I am not the writer!

Dear Liz,

Thank you for these sentiments, exquisitely expressed. I’ve copied your kind words into my journal, the first entry in a lovely book I got for Christmas, the first entry in a year that seems strangely secure, amid so much uncertainty. It’s this connection you’ve made with me and Dear Rosemary that helps me know what’s important, that there are others who will be there, who want to help, no matter what. Thanks for reading. I hope you will send me another letter–you ARE a writer.

Holding you close,



December 11, 2020

Just wanted to write to say how much I loved your book. Is it really fiction? It felt real to me. I so enjoyed the parts about watching birds and gardening because that’s something I did too when we were told to stay home. We’re restricted again now and it’s winter, which makes it even harder, so remembering moments of springtime is a pleasure. Thanks for writing this!

Yours truly,

Kathy Hanes

Dear Kathy,

Thank you for sharing your thoughts! I’m with you in feeling the difficulty of restrictions during these short days of winter. Looking forward to our next spring. Keep well.



December 14, 2020

Hey Ms. Hathaway,

I read your book because my friend said I should and it was freaky cuz I’m pretty sure that person, Rosemary, was the same one who ordered stuff online from our store. I mean, it’s cool, cuz you didn’t, like, include my letters in there which would probably be illegal or something, but I’ve got to tell you, if this is the same person, your friend is totally sketchy. Like, she really went off about fabrics and then had this meltdown about sewage or something, (which come to think of it, you must’ve seen that?) and it was so weird.

So yeah, just wanted to tell u if you know her for real, be careful. Also, I’m not planning on having a baby like your daughter, so whatever about the lubes, right? My point is, your friend might not be who u think she is, okay?

And she really screwed you over the ex too, right? Anyway, I liked other parts of your book and think you did a great job overall, even though I don’t usually read much, especially about older people and how much Covid sucks. But I hope you make a point of letting people know they should for sure shop online at boutique places like Ulli’s because we need to survive too, right?

Okay, that’s it for me. Thanks.

Pinky Lane

PS. Pinky is my real name. Plus, I think you totally did better with Jack.

Dear Pinky,

I’m not sure you’re for real but I will say this – here’s to the survival of online boutique businesses!